Save Lemoine Point Farm



Read on to see letter to Mayor Paterson and Councillors thanking them for their commitment made during the
election campaign to support the protection of the Lemoine Point Farm – and seeking their follow-up on that commitment to save this magnificent property.

May 9, 2023

City of Kingston – Mayor and Councillors
City Hall
216 Ontario Street
Kingston, ON
K7L 2Z3

c/o  J. Jaynes, Office of the City Clerk 

Request this letter be included as official correspondence for Council


Dear Mayor Paterson and Councillors,

Re: Lemoine Point Farm


Thank you for the commitment made during the election campaign to support the protection of the Lemoine Point Farm. 


Public interest in the future of the Farm continues to grow.  We hear strong interest across the city in ensuring the fields, forest, and shoreline of this remarkable property are preserved for future generations.  For example, on May 7th we hosted a Jane’s Walk on Conservation Authority property that attracted 80 people interested in learning more about the history of the Farm and how to get involved with its preservation.

With the passing of several months, we assume this issue is closer to being brought to Council for a decision.  You will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something wonderful with this magnificent property. 


We hope after securing the Farm you plan to consult broadly with the public, including Indigenous peoples before making any final decisions about the Farm’s long-term future.  We also hope that whatever decisions you make ensure the property will be kept intact and not subdivided.


We understand this could be a costly endeavour, and that the heritage buildings require special consideration.  In the course of our efforts, we have identified potential funding sources that could be interested in assisting a project with a strong vision to protecting this irreplaceable property. 


We would be pleased to help in any way we can to save Lemoine Point Farm.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to further discuss this important opportunity. 



Richard Raeburn-Gibson (on behalf of the Save Lemoine Point Farm Group)



website: Save Lemoine Point Farm

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cc: Craig Desjardins – Director, Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships

Jen Pinarski – Manager, Communications and Public Engagement


Download the PDF of letter.