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About us

When we heard the sad news that Mary Fraser had passed away, we started to worry about the future of the Farm. We’ve been meeting, gathering information, and thinking about how we can help to conserve this place.

This website is a way to reach out to others who share our vision to conserve the fields, forest, and shoreline of Lemoine Point Farm for future generations, and to begin a community discussion on how this can best be done.

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Our supporters

To date, the following organizations have endorsed the vision of the Save Lemoine Point Farm group. Please contact us if your organization wishes to add an endorsement

“I’m writing on behalf of The Tragically Hip to lend our support to the citizens group exploring the future of Lemoine Point Farm. The preservation of this unique piece of land just west of the city is important for our community. As lifelong Kingstonians, each of us has enjoyed the waterfront trails and natural beauty of the conservation area at Lemoine’s Point. It is an oasis. We were surprised to learn only recently, with the passing of Mary Fraser, that the waterfront of Lemoine Point Farm was not already public land. We support a vision that preserves the public access, organic agriculture, historical architecture and natural wilderness that give this parcel of land it’s unique character and beauty. We encourage both public and private participation in this process; it will require serious dialogue and long term planning by our municipal government. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us as a community to preserve this space for future generations. Let’s not waste it.” ~ Gord Sinclair

Loving Spoonful strongly supports the proposal to protect Lemoine Point Farm in perpetuity. In order to build a sustainable, resilient and justice-oriented food system, we need to protect local farmland and increase the amount of food produced locally. The Lemoine Point Farm has been managed with regenerative agricultural practices for decades, and the results can be seen in the incredible biodiversity and ecosystem services provided by the farm property. We strongly encourage the City of Kingston to purchase the farm, enact a farmland conservation easement, and work with local food and farming organizations to preserve and manage it as a productive, diverse community space for generations to come.

Swim Drink Fish proudly supports the work The Lemoine Point Farm Group is doing to create swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters. By acting to protect the land and shores of Lemoine Point Farm, the group is taking a holistic watershed approach to environmental protection that recognizes the value that well developed forests and green spaces have for safeguarding our waters. The Lemoine Point Farm Group is doing the work to protect the place they love and share that place with our community, and we support their mission. 

The Food Policy Council of KFLA wholeheartedly supports the conservation of the Lemoine Point Farm.   This large piece of farmland and shoreline gives the City of Kingston an exciting opportunity to create a public green space environment similar to Stanley Park in Vancouver and Central Park in New York City.  These spaces offer multiple recreational and educational opportunities for residents and tourists as well as potential food production and community gardening. In addition, the protection of lakeshore lands and forests, protection of watersheds and wildlife habitat are much needed given the continued stress of climate change and urbanization.  Our city will benefit in the short and long term with conservation and protection of this land.

The Kingston Field Naturalists support the preservation of wildlife and natural habitats and encourage interest in natural environments. The Lemoine Point area is an important resource for the people of the Kingston area.

Conservation and enhancement of Lemoine Point Conservation Area was a founding principle and remains a key priority of the Friends of Lemoine Point. Our support for preservation of neighbouring Lemoine Point Farm including the shoreline, fields and forest, and the habitats they encompass is a natural extension of our long-standing vision for this area. We look forward to working with our collaborators and other stakeholders in their efforts to preserve and maintain public ownership of this unique and valued environment for generations to come.
CAPE Ontario advocates for judicious and sustainable land use to preserve farmland, green spaces, and wetlands wherever possible. This includes prevention of unnecessary sprawl and highway development whenever possible to minimize resultant carbon emissions and air pollution to optimize human health, food security and economic co-benefits.
The Ontario Farmland Trust strongly believes in the community action being taken by the Save Lemoine Point Farm group. Ontario is losing precious farmland at an alarming rate to development and other non-agricultural uses. Once this vital resource is paved over we lose its ability to provide local, nutritious food, provide habitat for many species, and support climate change mitigation strategies such as carbon sequestration and water infiltration. Protecting this farm will help secure a resilient community today and for the future.
Lemoine Point Conservation Area is a breathtaking landscape that is experienced by many people every day. The protected landscape has included many successful conservation efforts for various species, some including snapping turtles. Turtles Kingston supports the expansion of protecting the landscape to include the Lemoine Point Farm to support educational opportunities and to further the protection of vulnerable species.
The Land Conservancy for Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox & Addington supports the conservation of spaces for nature in this region.

It is tragic that Kingston has lost so many urban woodlands lately with more threatened, including the former Tannery site. Now, we have a chance to preserve a vibrant woodland near our western boundary at Lemoine Point Farm.  No Clearcuts Kingston supports saving the trees and wildlife there. We also hope to save the Tannery forest along the Great Cataraqui River.

“The Beaty Water Research Centre (BWRC) at Queen’s University is a research hub that brings people together for creative thinking to solve water-related problems. This includes addressing issues across a huge range of scales and themes from coastal flooding and natural hazards to emerging contaminants and algal blooms. We are using the latest techniques to better understand and care for the aquatic environment, including historic and environmentally sensitive regions of the Great Lakes, the adjacent coastal land, and the larger watershed. We support conservation of the Lemoine Point Farm land, which will serve to keep the lake water, habitat and shoreline environment natural.” – Ryan P. Mulligan, BWRC Director

Celebrating 50 years in operation in 2022, the Frontenac Heritage Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created to promote the preservation of buildings and contribute to the heritage of the City of Kingston, Frontenac County, Loyalist Township, the Town of Gananoque and the Twp. of Leeds and the Thousand Islands.

Lemoine Point Farm is a jewel of a property – important in so many respects: adjacent to the Lemoine Point Conservation Area, fronting on Lake Ontario, important environmentally, continuing as a regenerative farm over decades, along with having two historically significant limestone houses and a vast collection of farm buildings and structures like the long dry-stone wall along the driveway. The Lemoine Point Farm should be in public ownership, and the FHF supports efforts to make this happen.

Public ownership and public access to our waterfront is an important part of preserving and expanding the social, cultural and health benefits of Lake Ontario. Making the Lemoine Point Farm public will protect this important shoreline from private development and ensure that it becomes an integral part of the larger Waterfront Master Plan for Kingston.

National Farmers Union–Local 316