Save Lemoine Point Farm

How you can help?

  1. Spread the word
    Talk with your friends and neighbours. Help raise community awareness. Send them the link to this website. Connect with us/share on social media.
  2. Raise this issue with your Kingston City Councillor
    Find contact information for your district at City Council – City of Kingston.
  3. Share your ideas with the City of Kingston

    Contact City staff or provide comments through Get Involved Kingston about how we can work to conserve the fields, forest, and shoreline of Lemoine Point Farm for future generations. Look for future updates from the City of Kingston on opportunities to provide input to the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan at

  4. Help as a citizen scientist
    Use/learn to use tools like iNaturalist and E-bird to build a record of species in the area  (note the farm is private property).  
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The Farm currently belongs to the Estate of Mary Fraser and will likely be up for sale in the near future.

The Farm could be protected as a farm and a place for nature.  Alternatively, it could be developed, for housing or airport infrastructure, which we think would be a huge loss for Kingston. 

We believe that the Farm should continue to be compatible with the Lemoine Point Conservation Area, which, as was written in a 1999 report, is “a place of nature – and a place for contemplation, for respite from developed environments and for research and learning about our natural and cultural heritage”.

How can the Lemoine Point Farm continue to be a significant part of the only large tract of natural land on Lake Ontario in this region?

We want to work with the community to conserve these magnificent fields, forest, and shoreline for future generations.  

Header Photo courtesy of Andrée Thorpe Photography.