Save Lemoine Point Farm

Public Meeting: Ways to Care for the Land from New and Indigenous Perspectives


Public meeting looks at ways to care for the land from new and Indigenous perspectives

As spring arrives, people are starting to think about what they might grow in their gardens, on their balconies, or in a community garden plot. The Save Lemoine Point Farm group is hosting a webinar on March 28th at 7 pm titled Sustainable Food Production: Reciprocal Relations with the Land.

“We want to explore how we can exist in harmony with the land,” says Celeste Booth from the group. “How can growing food and being on the land increase biodiversity to the benefit of our ecosystem?”

Three presenters will discuss their perspectives on positive relations with the land.

Maureen Buchanan and Kaitlyn Patterson are working on the Indigenous Food Sovereignty Garden along Highway 15. The Garden combines Indigenous language and culture practices with growing food. “We are mindful that caring for the land and taking climate action are big steps toward reconciliation,” says Buchanan.

The third speaker is Ayla Fenton, the food systems manager for Loving Spoonful, a local group that envisions a resilient community and local food system, that nourishes all people and supports dignified access to good food.

Local author and farmer Aric McBay will moderate the discussion.

Registration for the free online event is on Eventbrite. There is also a link on the Save Lemoine Point Farm website and Facebook page.

For more information, contact:

Celeste Booth