Save Lemoine Point Farm

Letter to Mayor & Council


City of Kingston – Mayor and Councillors
City Hall
216 Ontario Street
Kingston, ON K7L 2Z3

Dear Mayor Paterson and Councillors,

Re: Lemoine Point Farm

In follow-up to our attached May 9, 2023 letter, we are writing about this Tuesday’s closed meeting Council agenda item: “waterfront property”. We are writing to you now, in case this is about the Lemoine Point Farm.

We are optimistic about a Council decision to acquire the Farm property given the very positive response we received from you as candidates for election last Fall when we asked: “Do you support the city’s purchase and long-term protection of Lemoine Point Farm as a place for nature and agriculture, not for development?”

We strongly urge you to move towards the purchase of the entire Farm property. Our many reasons of support for this once-in-a-lifetime acquisition include:

— the benefits to preserving the Farm property for the long term as a gem for the City of Kingston. This is your opportunity to protect this magnificent waterfront green space for now and for future generations.

— the linkage to your new Strategic Plan and its focus on urban agriculture and the idea of an urban farming training centre.

— the conservation values of the Farm and its role in the existing, extensive natural heritage corridor.

— the availability of federal, provincial, foundation, and private donor funds to support the preservation of this type of urban property. We hope that the City will fully explore these alternate funding sources before making any irrevocable decisions.

On this last point, understanding the costs of securing this property will be high, we have made some contacts who may be interested in assisting with the ongoing operations of the Farm to ensure its long-term protection. We would be pleased to help facilitate such connections.

We urge you to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire this magnificent property.

Yours truly,

Tina Bailey
on behalf of the Save Lemoine Point Farm Group

J. Jaynes, Office of the City Clerk
Craig Desjardins – Director, Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships
Lanie Hurdle – Chief Administrative Officer
Jen Pinarski – Manager, Communications and Public Engagement

See attachment – May 9, 2023 letter to Mayor and Council